Terms and Conditions.

"WHMSOFT SERVICES" is owned by WHMSOFT, a Limited Liability Company (RCS: Melun B 487791212, France).

WhmSoft does not warrant that the service is error free. WhmSoft Services may be interrupted for reasons beyond our control. The service is distributed on "as is" basis without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. WhmSoft will not be responsible for any losses, damages or costs that you and/or your business may suffer when using the service. You expressly agree that use of the service is at your sole risk.

Members are forbidden from using unsolicited commercial email (UCE) or SPAM to promote or to use the service. Several verified SPAM reports will result in termination of your membership without refund. SPAM includes, but is not limited to, email messages (including email signatures) and USENET newsgroup postings. Any other forms of abuse may also serve as grounds for termination.

The commercial resale of purchased files for mobiles is forbidden.
A file for mobile is owned by the member who offered it for sale. At any time, this member can modify its description or delete it. If a member leaves the service without deleting his files for mobiles, he transfers implicitly the ownership of the files to WhmSoft Services.
It is absolutely forbidden to offer for sale the files for mobiles which don't respect the Copyright.
The files, the titles and the descriptions must respect the following rules:
- No incitement to hate, to discrimination or to violence.
- No pornography.
WhmSoft Services may modify the title or the description or may delete the files which don't respect these rules.

A member can close his account at any time, without refund.

The prices (in points) are subject to change at any time. The monthly subscriptions prices and the commissions rates are subject to change with one month's notice.

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