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Point(s) per WAP Push: see below
Maximum count of phone numbers: 100
Current date & time: 02/23/2024 04:54:41

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Mobile Number(s) and Message fields are mandatory.
If there are many phone numbers, they must be separated by the semicolon char (;).
A phone number is the national mobile number, without space or punctuation, with the possible first zero.
An error message is displayed if the size of the binary message to send (generated from the message field and the URL) is greater than 140 characters for one SMS.

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File to Upload for a WAP download. The file URL is sent to one or many mobile phones.
Click the Browse button below to select a file (image, audio, video, application, game, ...) from your PC disk.

WAP URL to send to one or many mobile phones (http://... ).

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