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Daily Image - Free Greetings Card

- Every day, a new classical piece of music with drum is given in MIDI and MP3 formats.
Hundreds of classical MIDI files, with or without drum, are to be found in the WhmSoft Services website.

- Every day, a new image with a texture is given (JPEG, GIF or PNG).
The small size image is optimized for the mobile phones, more particularly the iPhone.
The big size image can be used as a screen wallpaper.
One can download the file or generate a PDF greetings card with a personalized text.
Thousands of images are to be found in the WhmSoft Services website.
In this website, one can, dynamically, add a text, modify the size, change the background color or add a border.
One can download the generated images or send them to a mobile phone.

- Every day, a new image with a 3D flash animation (SWF format, small size and big size) is given.
The background texture and the initial animation are variable.
The big size flash animation can be transformed into a screensaver.

- Themes:
classical music, classical music with drum,
image editing, free greetings card, PDF greetings card
flash animation, 3D flash animation

Vectors and 3D Models
Vectors and 3D Models
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--- File(s) of the Day ---

Title: Photo Big Banana Leaf - Plant

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Videos About the Subject:
Plant Photo Image Video
Click on the image to start the video.

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